NOCTURNAL LIGHTS: a documentary about the mysterious world of UFOs.

Production year: 2016 – Airing on Unis TV.

English, 45 minutes, HD.

TV acquisitions: available for sale worldwide.






AMOURA: A documentary about the life of women in Cameroon, starring Wanda Jemly.

Production year: 2018.

French with English subtitles, 110 minutes, HD.

TV acquisitions: available for sale worldwide.






A documentary is a window that opens onto a small part of our world, it’s a glimpse – often too quick – at a true story, a region of our planet, a scientific fact… It sheds light on facts and/or concepts about which we don’t always ask ourselves questions – or the right questions for that matter.

A documentary maker is a person who likes to recount, explore, discover, arouse interest, teach, even surprise. When we have an idea for a documentary, we know where we want to go, but more often than not, the road we take to get there is not the one we had originally planned on taking. We do not follow a set screenplay as for fiction films. We write a framework, and as the filming goes, we are confronted with unexpected events, we meet people that we hadn’t even imagined meeting, and the story shifts and takes shape while we are filming, and later as we are editing.

Documentary production budgets are far smaller than fiction film budgets, which makes the genre look like the poor relation of the film industry. It is true that the producer who wishes to financially profit from her craft will not often choose the art of documentary. But believe me, the human experience we draw from our work is so much more profitable!

Watch documentaries!

Frederique REMY